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“Campaign reports.” “Analytics.” “Results reporting.” “Metrics.” “Program Audit.” “Donor Profiling.”

All catch-words and phrases for measuring results. However you prefer to deem the term, understanding what has transpired in your recent fundraising past forms the basis on which competent strategies must be built.

At DRS, “results reporting” is a beginning – not an end. Computing response rates, average gifts and costs-per-dollar raised is important. But it provides only a snapshot.

DRS uses state-of-the-art technology tools to view trends in donor lifecycles. Implementing strategies that react to challenges and opportunities must be based upon true understanding of the full dynamics of your program …


Real “analytics” lies in the discovery of the true nature and current status of your donor relationships. And then reacting with solid creative and marketing strategies. Fundraising by nature is always moving, changing. Good analysis must dig deeper than a statistical snapshot, frozen in time.


•  What relationship exists between new donor/member frequency and long-term retention?

•  Can we predict which donors/members will lapse – before they do so?

•  Is gift size or gift frequency the more important predictor of donor/member retention?

•  What's the correlation between the timespan between gifts and donor retention?

DRS understands how to build and execute the reports – and more importantly, how to interpret results and present clients with solid strategy solutions that specifically address each issue. In turn the process easily lends itself to building programs with incremental goals based in your own metrics -- your reality.




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