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Printing the Components

Will a simple one or two color direct mail package work as effectively for your fundraising appeal as a three or four color package? What sizes and shapes can reduce printing and postage costs? How can graphics and enclosures be cost-effectively employed to lift response rates? What can be done to the package to help it stand out in the mailbox, without breaking the budget, and without being so different that donors no longer recognize it as being a fundraising appeal? In short, what works, and what doesn't?

Our production experts work closely with program administrators and creative staff to ensure that cost-effective pieces are produced. More importantly, we make sure that the creative process is channeled constructively to produce direct mail packages that do the job - namely, that they get opened and compel prospects to make donations to your organization.



Years of experience tell us what formats and paper will work best through a myriad of production processes. We also know what papers and inks can effectively survive the rigors of postal processing, so that they reach the mailbox looking as good as the day that they are produced. For the best level of quality from your appeal's inception all the way to the mailbox, let DRS manage the design and printing of your direct mail packages.

Adhering to Postal Regulations

Postal Service regulations are second only to Internal Revenue Service rules in complexity. But that doesn't mean your organization has to sacrifice creative design to adhere to Postal Service requirements. We can help you to produce USPS-compliant mail that grabs the eye and gets opened.

If your organization has given up on trying to stay current with USPS regulations, you are not alone. That's where you can benefit from the distinct advantage of working with direct mail experts right from the planning stages. As a subsdiary of one of New England's most respected mail production houses, DRS works closely with the Postal Service to ensure that our client's mail progresses smoothly through the system, on time and on budget.

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