So You Think You Can Dance
Marcia Scowcroft
VP, Fundraising Programs

Most of the conversations I have with development professionals these days revolve around the state of their acquisition programs. And currently the state of these acquisitions, like the state of our economy, is not as sound as we all would like. What do we counsel them if their acquisition results disappoint? read more>>


Putting the Pieces Together
Liz Brown
VP, Creative Services

With all the tools at your disposal – from direct mail to e-mail, phone campaigns to blogs – how do you develop an integrated fundraising strategy that works for YOUR organization? read more>>

Weighing the Options
Examining the pros and cons of direct mail and e-mail.

Direct Mail • Substantial
• Easy to brand
• Space and graphic flexibility
• High delivery rate (most pieces reach recipients)
• Substantial track record

• Expensive
• Less convenient for recipients
• Takes time to prepare
E-Mail • Inexpensive
• Easily personalized
• Easy for recipients to respond and give (just provide a link to click on)
• Immediate – can respond to current events and happenings in your organization

• Recipients expect brevity – can’t take a lot of space to tell your story
• May be interpreted as “spam”
• May be undelivered or go to “spam” folder

Important News from Fundraising Day in New York

Read about a very interesting study presented by Charles Pruitt and pollster Mark Mellman at Fundraising Day in New York in June ‘08. Check out this report on their findings from the Chronicle of Philanthropy.



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