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Data Management

DRS will accept your in-house and rental data files in just about any format and convert them for the direct mail production process. We'll merge/purge, remove duplicates, segment, make selections, split files, standardize addresses, correct Zip codes, append Zip+4, and format names and addresses for letter personalization. In the process of converting and enhancing your data, we'll also generate all the reports necessary for tracking and analysis. All of this is done with state-of-the-art software programs.



Laser Personalization

Once your data has been prepared for the production process, we can employ one of several available imaging techniques, as your needs require. We have equipment that can generate laser personalized correspondence cost-effectively at any volume, from a few thousand packages all the way up into the millions.

In order to encourage a high response rate, we typically personalize both the letter and a reply device that the donor returns to your organization. To reduce costs, we can print both the letter and the reply device on a single sheet of paper. The response device is then cut away and nested into the body of the letter, producing a perfectly matched personalized letter and response mechanism.

Inkjet Addressing

Inkjet addressing is a low cost alternative to laser personalization. We use highspeed equipment to spray mailing addresses upon the outermost element of the package - usually the outer envelope, though the address can also be sprayed onto a newsletter or postcard.

This technology is most appropriate for appeals that are not expected to produce a high response, such as donor acquisition mailings. Inkjet addressing is also ideal for self-mailer packages, such as postcards and wafer sealed newsletters.

Sometimes it is desirable to combine laser and inkjet techniques in the production of high quality matched packages. For example, we can produce high quality laser letters, and enclose them in "closed face" envelopes (that is, envelopes that do not have address windows). Then, we can inkjet the mailing address on the envelope, using a font that closely matches the font used in the laser personalized letter. The results is a high quality personalized direct mail package that is suitable for major donor solicitation and communications to your organization's VIP's.

Using the JLS/DRS FTP Upload Center @ http://ftp.jlsms.com/

Once at the website click on the Browse button and select the file from your PC local drive (or a JLS network drive) and click on Open button. The path to that file will be displayed in the blank window next to the Browse button. Now click on the Submit button and the file will automatically be uploaded to our FTP site for DP's retrieval.

A few things to keep in mind. If you have multiple files you can send them one at a time or if you are familiar with WinZip you can zip them into one file. If WinZip is installed on your computer simply selecting the files and then right clicking will bring up a context menu that will zip them for you creating a compressed file in the same directory.

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