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Creating the Package

With potential results in mind, our copywriters and designers work together to meld copy and graphics into a recipe that experience tells them will yield the best response.

Whether it's adapting a personal experience for a fundraising appeal or designing a lead generation mailer, the disciplines of copywriting and design must complement each other to produce cost-effective printed packages that inspire recipients to respond.

Every aspect of the package design is orchestrated to grab the prospect's interest, compel her to open the mail piece. Inside, a well-crafted message with thoughtfully structured graphics, grab the reader's interest, draw her in, and move her to respond.

Our expertise rests in knowing what works and how to adapt time-tested fundraising methods to your organization's mission.


Our creative professionals can dramatically increase the likelihood that your appeal letters will be opened, read, and acted upon.

Adhering to Postal Regulations

Postal Service regulations are second only to Internal Revenue Service rules in complexity. But that doesn't mean your organization has to sacrifice creative design to adhere to Postal Service requirements. We can help you to produce USPS-compliant mail that grabs the eye and gets opened.

If your organization has given up on trying to stay current with USPS regulations, you are not alone. That's where you can benefit from the distinct advantage of working with direct mail experts right from the planning stages. As a subsdiary of one of New England's most respected mail production houses, DRS works closely with the Postal Service to ensure that our client's mail progresses smoothly through the system, on time and on budget.

Barcoding and its Impact on Creative Design

Barcoding of U.S. mail has become a fact of life. If the mail production facility does not barcode your mail, the U.S. Postal Service will do it before the piece gets delivered, possibly spoiling a meticulously conceived envelope design in the process, and they will charge you for the service by way of a higher postal rate.

At most mail production facilities, there is no choice in the matter. But at DRS, we have combined our creative experience with specialized hardware to eliminate the need for impersonal and unsightly barcodes that appear on the letter or above the donor's name.

That's right - no matter what envelope format your organization uses, we can position the barcode right on the lower right corner of the envelope - just like the Post Office does it. We can dramatically improve the appearance of your communication, and make it look more personal. This attention to detail just might help to lift your response rate, and you can save on postal costs in the process!

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